GOST R Certification

Certification GOST-R is not only engaged with the quality management of the subject company, but also focused the products of it. With the other words, to obtain of these certificates the tests of samples are essential. These tests are made on accredited laboratories by GOSSTANDARD. (Russian Governmental Standards Organization) According to these tests the certificates are given to the prepared company.

GOST is the valid quality authorization system in Russian Federation. (With the other words, it is called GOST-R Certification) GOST is necessary for Russian businesses and exporters to the Russia and carries the same meaning of ISO 9000 series certificates for the western companies. GOST-TR is the permitted quality pointer for Russia.

That certificate confirms that delivering products have successfully preceded a certification procedure. It means that they are high quality and meet Russian GOST-R standards. Most of the exporting products are a subject of an obligatory certification otherwise will not drive in to the boundary and will not be admitted for trade.

There are regulations identifying which products are subject to obligatory certification and which may possess voluntary certification. Certificate of conformity is essential if products or services are subject to obligatory certification according to legislation. Voluntary certification is prepared only at the initiative of the manufacturer in order to certify certain properties of the product or to persuade consumers to its high quality.

Benefits of GOST-R Certificate

  • It supports to minimize risk, fault products and damages.
  • It supports to access the Russian market easily
  • It supports to progress brand image and market value of the organization.
  • Money and time saving procedure.
  • Demonstrate client approval through deliver the consistent quality as per the client necessity.